Uglybutterfly | Solar Ocean: Colonies at PaxAUS 2017

Solar Ocean: Colonies at PaxAUS 2017

PaxAUS 2017 fair was the stage of our soft launch with the Solar Ocean: Colonies game.

We had the good fortune to have great playtesters at our stand to test the initial alpha version. The lesson: in-house playtesting is good, but exposure to an amazing gaming community well-versed in science-fiction literacy and strategy games experience is truly priceless.

Once again, thanks to Ben, Phil, Jack, Jason, Matthew, John, James, Garrett, Leo, Zac, Marcus, Ewan, Sam, Michael, Dale, Alan, Nathan, Kyuubi, Kyle, Adam, Andrew, Chris, Josh, David, and Dan. You know who you are guys… So there: We love you for all of your great contributions!

Jeffrey Soh, one of our in-house playtesters, was also with us at the fair. thank you Jeff, for helping out with promoting our game. You are the best!